About Me

My name is Karen Tryon.  I have always had a love in my heart for Jesus.  From 3rd grade on, I simply loved the idea of my gentle Jesus and being his disciple.  So much has happened since that time.  My simple love for Jesus hasn’t changed though; it’s just matured.  I am passionate about revival in the church and I believe it begins with the work of the Spirit in the hearts of each individual saved by Jesus.

I have many loves in my life.  My husband, Chris, is my (second after Jesus) favorite.  We’ve been married for 22 years and grow stronger together with each passing day.  He makes me giggle, which is vital.  Most important, he pushes me to pursue Jesus faithfully.  I would be lost without him in my life.

My next love is my seven gifts from God.  My children range in ages 8 through 19.  I have homeschooled them from the beginning.  I constantly feel that I am dropping the ball here, so it is the area where God does His most sanctifying work.

I have a passion for living creatively.  I am an image-bearer of my Creator.  I want to follow His example as a means of bringing Him the most glory.  I am not an expert at anything because I want to do it all.  But I most love sewing, handwriting/lettering, and imitating everything I see on Food Network, and then tweaking it.  I love decaf coffee, half & half, and  Stevia WAY too much.  I prefer rainy, dreary days over sunny days. I LOVE birds.  I am extremely picky about food and music.

My greatest passion is growing daily with the Lord and I desire to help others do the same.